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Three Ways Computer Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords

If you think your passwords are safe, think again. Computer hackers have hundreds of ways to steal your credentials, and their techniques have become more sophisticated. In 2016 alone, over two million accounts on PayPal, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other popular sites, were compromised. This kind of event can be life-changing, a nuisance and at… Read more »

What Every CEO Should Know About Cybersecurity

Technology is rapidly modernizing the way companies do business and with the rise of employees working remotely, organizations need to work even harder to keep their data secure. The business world can see over 200,000 security events every day, which is why cyber security should be at the top of every CEO’s list. Loss of… Read more »

Brain Food for Employees: How to Re-Energize from the Afternoon Slump

At some point in the mid-afternoon, the workplace seems to slow down and lose momentum. The afternoon slump is something most employees will experience, and while it’s an entirely natural phenomenon, the drop in energy can cause a loss of concentration and productivity. Below are five different ways employees can get a good mid-afternoon boost… Read more »

Three Savvy Explanations For Gaps In Your Employment

When a candidate is applying for a job, a large unexplained gap in their work history can be a red flag. The ability to succinctly explain gaps in employment to potential employers can mean the difference between getting the job and getting passed over for a position. By directing the conversation and turning a job… Read more »

Why Military Veterans Make Great Employees

Employers and companies can benefit from hiring Veterans because military personnel are often cross-trained in multiple skills and have experience in varied tasks and responsibilities. Veterans have learned over the course of their careers how to work hard, be team players and leaders. Hiring a veteran can be profitable to businesses on many different levels… Read more »

How To Guarantee Your Interview Answers Will Get You Hired

By appearing confident and professional during an interview, job seekers can increase their chances of being hired. Asking and answering questions strategically will show employers that an applicant is poised and willing to put forth the work. Answer With Confidence Inexperienced applicants should role-play interview answers before their interview. Practicing and delivering polished answers will… Read more »

The 3 Reasons Why Negotiating Your Salary Is Important

Negotiating your salary with an employer can be a nerve-wracking experience. In fact, according to a recent study by Pay Scale which surveyed over 30,000 American workers, they found that 57% of people never had this conversation with their employer. There were a variety of reasons why more than half of the people surveyed didn’t… Read more »

Five Smart Moves To Make Before A New Career

Changing careers is an intimidating prospect that requires courage. There are so many unknown variables and often people don’t know how to begin. For those ready to take the plunge, the following tips can make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible. Don’t Obsess Over Negative Things When preparing for a career change, focus… Read more »

Email Etiquette After A Job Interview

Job seekers often assume that once an interview is complete, there is nothing to do besides wait to hear from the interviewer. Unfortunately, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. After a job interview, applicants should send a thank you email to the interviewer. Following up via email shows hiring managers that you appreciated the opportunity… Read more »

The First Five Things Employers Will Notice On Your Resume

Creating a solid resume can be a challenge; it needs to highlight all the reasons an applicant should be hired without being lengthy. Employers skim resumes in seconds and glean enough information to decide if they would like to contact the potential candidate for an interview or not. Adding to the challenge, most employers rarely… Read more »