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Give Good Feedback

Feedback isn’t always easy to share but it’s necessary for growth and if done correctly, it can be a powerful influence for improvement. Keep these pointers in mind to make sure you’re providing your peers and team members with feedback that is helpful and effective. Frequency Feedback should not be reserved only for problematic situations… Read more »

Don’t Let the Skills Gap Stop You

After hours of scouring the internet, you find the perfect job with a great company in your area. You scan through the description and mentally check-off each requirement as you go down the list. But then you come across a specific technology or software that you haven’t worked with before. Or a required certification that… Read more »

Get Connected at These Networking Events in November

Connections are key when it comes to looking for a job. If you’re making a career change or searching for a new opportunity, your network can make or break your chances with certain companies. According to a recent blog post from LinkedIn, “more than 70 percent of professionals get hired at companies where they have… Read more »

Why Temporary Workers Quit and what you can do about it

Earlier this year, Staffing Industry Analysts conducted a survey which showed that approximately 31% of temporary workers quit their assignments prematurely, and up to 10% of them drop the job before they even begin working. While most of the reasons were of a personal nature, the most common being the acceptance of a better job… Read more »

Three Smart Questions to Ask In Your Next Interview

An interview with any potential employer is probably one of the best ways for a candidate to make a great first impression while simultaneously showcasing specific talents. For the employer, it is an opportunity to find the best possible candidate for the job at hand. What an interview is not, is a one sided interrogation… Read more »

How to be a Successful Professional in Los Angeles

A successful individual is one that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work on a consistent basis. To thrive in a highly competitive area like Los Angeles, it also takes a solid education, a dedication to learning, and a willingness to change and grow with the company. Even for those looking to be… Read more »

How Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace Can Lead to Healthy Working Habits

Utilizing positive reinforcement within the workplace encourages individuals to continue to work harder, achieve productivity goals, and continue to meet desirable standards. The goal of positive reinforcement is to inspire a person to continue to perform a task in a favorable manner. The company benefits from seeing a better outcome on a more consistent basis,… Read more »

Five Things that will leave a Good Impression at your next Interview

When preparing for a job interview, you probably focus on questions that the interviewer is likely to ask. However, just getting the answers right does not necessarily guarantee that you will ace the interview. Seasoned interviewers pay attention to their instincts as they ascertain whether you would be a good fit for the company. Small… Read more »

What Does The New Generation of Millennials Want from their Careers?

It is expected that the current generation of millennials will make up 48% of the workforce by the year 2020. Many are wondering what exactly these millennials are looking for in their careers, especially since many of them stay at one job for fewer than three years at a time. Read on to find out… Read more »