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Why More Companies Are Hiring Applicants With A Competitive Background In IT

We all know that the Information Technology department ensures computer equipment, phones, and networks are running smoothly so that everyone else can work efficiently. But today’s IT departments are often called on for much more. Filling this complicated and highly technical department with experienced employees who have a competitive background in the niche is a… Read more »

How Your Network Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Job seekers in the market for a new career often turn to local and online listings. In a competitive market, applying through traditional job channels pits applicants against hundreds of others vying for the same position. Career experts claim that the vast majority of job openings are never advertised. Instead these highly sought after jobs… Read more »

How To Leverage Your Lunch Hour & Become More Productive

America has become a work-obsessed society that tends to shun the notion of taking a lunch. As a result, approximately two-thirds of American employees report feeling fatigue related to job stress. Most employees quickly eat their lunch at their desks and do not take time for themselves to recharge and finish personal affairs, which consequently… Read more »

How To Land A Job With A Degree But No Work Experience

Landing a job without the right work experience can be difficult, even for applicants with a relevant degree. Orange County employers often want to see proof that job seekers can handle themselves in a professional environment. While success in an academic environment is impressive, graduates without real-world job experience might need to get creative in… Read more »

How To Recruit & Retain Millennials

Millennials have a reputation for being tech-savvy individuals who are very career focused. This new generation of workers is said to be the most educated in history and also the hardest to recruit because of their requirements of flexibility, engagement and use of technology. Check out three ways recruiters can attract this new generation of… Read more »

Six Positions Hiring In Irvine

Job seekers in Irvine have a wide variety of options when it comes to looking for a new position. Regardless of field, qualified applicants can find great Orange County companies seeking high-quality employees. Here are six possibilities for professionals looking for employment in Irvine: Accountant/Bookkeeper Skilled bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) are always in… Read more »

Five IT Careers In Orange County

Information Technology presents a host of opportunities in California, and Orange County is no exception. From technology repair to server maintenance, computer and technology specialists can find a job whether they enjoy working face-to-face with the public or behind the scenes. The Information Technology industry changes constantly, but some career options in the sector seem… Read more »

Looking For A Job In Southern California? Check Out These Habits That Will Land You An Interview

The first real hurdle to clear when looking for a job in Southern California is landing that first interview. In fields as diverse as accounting, engineering, human resources or customer service, if job seekers can’t talk to a hiring manager, their search may not be fruitful. Take a look at some habits worth developing to… Read more »

What Are Orange County Employers Looking For In Job Candidates?

Job seekers ready to enter the market in and around Orange County must brush up on interview skills and bring resumes up to date. Success with both requires knowing what employers in the Orange County Area are looking for in job candidates. Here are two things that will set you apart from the job application… Read more »

How To Get Hired In Orange County Without Having Loads Of Experience

Searching for a job can be frustrating. That dream job you have been looking for may seem like the perfect fit but could reject you due to lack of experience. You may be confident in your abilities to perform the job, but getting an interview can be a challenge. If you are a recent college… Read more »