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Working With Veterans: What Every Employer Needs To Know

The right employees bring creativity, wisdom and expertise to the roles they fill, and veterans frequently tick the boxes in all those areas. Rigorously trained and then exposed to challenging situations and harsh environments, military veterans arrive home with much to offer. Because of their experiences, veterans often make excellent leaders. Swift, pragmatic decision-making skills,… Read more »

Three Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Job Hunt In Orange County


If you are looking to land your dream job in Orange County, California then you should be confident and not self-sabotage your chances of getting your ‘foot in the door.’ Orange County is one of the most sought after areas in the country to live and work, it’s also one of the most competitive. Second… Read more »

Is Your Employment Brand Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

What does your company offer candidates that no other company does? The answer to this question should appear front and center in your employment brand. Employment branding encompasses your reputation as an employer, as well as the strategies you use to attract candidates to your application process. It can be a powerful marketing tool to… Read more »

Take Your Career into Your Own Hands: Advancing Your Skill Set

Angling for a promotion or looking for a position with a new employer are two common ways to advance one’s career.  Another method is to improve your skill set so you’re better placed for a promotion or more attractive to employers. Certain fields, like IT, demand almost constant growth and learning.  How can you diversify… Read more »

Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Conducting Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a mainstay in employee management and growth, so it pays to learn how to conduct them effectively.  Here are four of the biggest mistakes employers make when conducting performance reviews and how to address them: Giving only one person’s perspective. When a review comes from only one person – such as the… Read more »

A Practical Guide to Crafting a Career Development Plan

2017 can be another year you “surf” in your career, letting other people’s plans and requests decide what projects you’ll take on and what you’ll do.  Or it can be the year you choose how your career will develop and then follow that route. If taking charge of your own career development appeals to you,… Read more »

Increase ROI From Your Staffing Strategy by Doing This

Like most SoCal companies, your organization probably has a staffing strategy – even if you don’t call it that.  However, you may not know by taking one simple step, you can increase your ROI at every stage of your staffing process. That step?  Contact a recruiter. Here’s how working with a staffing firm pays off:… Read more »

7 Tips to Declutter Your Resume

Many SoCal residents make New Year’s resolutions as January begins.  Often, these resolutions have to do with improving our lives in some way, such as by getting more exercise or decluttering our homes to provide a more restful space. If decluttering is on your to-do list, don’t limit it to your basement or bedroom.  Take… Read more »

4 Strategies for Improving Staff Retention in 2017

When it comes to your staff, finding great candidates is only half the battle.  The other half is keeping them. “Recruiting” and “retention” are often mentioned together because they are two sides of the same coin.  When you pay careful attention to your recruiting practices, you can choose people who are more likely to contribute… Read more »

Southern California Jobs: 7 Tips for Finding a Job

As 2017 begins, many Southern California professionals are looking for new jobs.  Whether you’re currently out of work or are considering a switch to a new position or employer, here’s how to run a more efficient and effective job search: Ask “why?” The what, where and how much of hiring are big questions – and… Read more »