Looking for some flexibility?

Meet unexpected challenges seamlessly and cost-effectively. Marquee Staffing handles recruitment, evaluation, screening and interviewing for you so you can focus on other tasks.


Control your variable workforce needs:

  • Manage unpredictable demand
  • Fill interim vacancies
  • Access candidates with specialized knowledge
  • Complete projects on time


Reduce the risk of making a bad hire by evaluating a candidate’s performance in your work environment. If they prove themselves on the job, talk to us about adding them to your permanent team. If they don’t quite meet your standards, let us know. We’ll be happy to send another one of our employees for your evaluation.


Don’t let your large contingent workforce add to your workload. We’ll deploy an on-site coordinator to manage every detail of their employment from onboarding to job reqs to daily management responsibilities.


Add your contractors to our team and let us worry about pay, benefits and administration. You can focus on reaching your goals.

Our contingent and contract-to-hire employees are looking for flexible careers in Irvine, San Diego and Orange County, CA.

We deliver talent that exceeds your expectations. Contact us to get started.