Orange County

Anisha Mary

Assistant Team Lead

Alexis Cabero

Branch Manager

Anthony Tran

Business Development Specialist

Tom Porter

Chief Operating Officer

Silvana Woscoff

Director, Marquee Healthcare Division

Bryant Bruzos

Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Nina McCann

On-Site Manager

Jennifer Zamora


Kyle Webb


Erika Castro


Elizabeth Heber


Greg Athans

Senior Director Executive Placement

Akhil Kumar

Senior Recruiter

Emily Munoz

Senior Recruiter

Claudia Perez

Senior VP of Operations

Katrina Larson

Talent Coordinator

Workforce Solutions

Emily Salanio

CEO, Marquee Workforce Solutions

Chris Kappes

Senior Executive VP, Marquee Workforce Solutions

San Diego

Hillary Kingsley

Account Manager

Renee Loignon Dion

CFO/Vice President MIS

Andrew Dion

Executive Recruiter

Damian Eller


Brad Statzer

Regional Branch Manager

Janet Powers

Regional Sales Manager

Yolanda Fierro

Senior Recruiter

Jennifer Lyons

Senior Recruiter & Payroll Specialist

Jeannette Diaz

Senior VP of Operations

Maribel Rivera

Talent Coordinator