It’s an Intelligent Approach to Managing Temporary Staff

Marquee Workforce Solutions serves leading employers throughout the nation with fully managed temporary recruitment solutions.
We assume full control of your contingent workforce in a vendor-neutral environment that saves you time, money and frustration. This comprehensive program improves efficiency and performance, allowing you to focus on core tasks and strategic goals.

Marquee’s managed service program will help your organization:

  • Consolidate and streamline suppliers
  • Streamline hiring and ordering process
  • Standardize reporting and performance measurements
  • Centralize budgeting and consolidate invoices
  • Reduce co-employment and 1099 risks
  • Control spend and boost ROI

Marquee’s MSP options include:

On-demand contractors for critical project needs.

Offload responsibility for managing your contingent workforce.

Identifying workforce needs, choosing and managing staffing suppliers, onboarding/offboarding, contractor management, reporting and accounting.

Outsource complex projects or nonrecurring needs to our consultants. Marquee Workforce Solutions defines deliverables, timeline and price; you get great results.

Smart Temporary Labor Solutions

Go where your skills are in demand

We work with employers across the nation and serve companies in all 50 states. Try the flexibility and freedom of project work, evaluate an employer in a contract-to-hire assignment or take on the challenge of a direct hire position.