How to Deepen Your Relationships with Your Employees

Does it seem like your company is lacking employee engagement? According to recent Gallup polls, as much as 85 percent of employees are disengaged at work, resulting in declining performance and low retention. Strong employee relationships often start with a workplace culture centered on genuine human connection. There are many practical approaches employers can take to strengthen employee relations and enhance morale among everyone on the team. Here are some of the most effective ways to deepen relationships with your employees and create a more productive and fulfilling environment:

Promote innovation and creative thinking.

Employees who are encouraged to think “outside the box” are generally more motivated to achieve shared goals and make unique contributions to your company. You can foster innovation by allowing employees to utilize their skills and passions within their jobs, which will ultimately help them feel more personally fulfilled in their work. In turn, a culture of innovation allows you to learn more about employees’ interests and values, resulting in closer, more meaningful interactions with your staff on a regular basis.

Consider mentorship initiatives.

Integrating elements of mentorship throughout your company’s culture can be a game-changer for improving employee relations at its core. Mentorship can be provided in many ways, both formally and informally. For example, you can implement a mentorship program in which entry-level employees receive ongoing guidance and advice from more seasoned staff. Or, you may consider peer-to-peer mentorship in which employees of similar degrees of skill and experience can learn and grow together in their roles. There are also many informal initiatives that naturally promote collaboration and learning among your staff, such as an open-door policy that allows employees to freely seek help and support by asking questions or expressing concerns.

Provide emotional intelligence training to managers.

Your managers often set the tone of your company culture; therefore, it’s essential to invest in training that helps managers develop their interpersonal abilities. Managers with strong emotional intelligence skills are better equipped at fostering positive employee relationships, resolving internal conflicts, and empowering subordinates to achieve their greatest potential. You can incorporate emotional intelligence training within your management onboarding programs or opt for a separate manager training that teaches crucial interpersonal skills, such as communication, self-awareness, social awareness, empathy, and self-regulation.

With these employee engagement strategies, you can dramatically improve your workplace culture while creating a greater sense of trust and comradery from within your organization.

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