Staying Mentally Resilient: How to Decompress After a Long Day at Work

If you work in the medical field, you know firsthand it’s not always easy to relax after a long and stressful day in a busy healthcare environment. However, building mental resilience is critical for overcoming common workplace challenges and performing your best. If you’re struggling with mental resilience, here are some practical strategies for decompressing after demanding shifts:

Shift your focus.

With most healthcare positions being physically and mentally draining, finding ways to shift your focus outside of your job can help immensely. Often, any form of exercise or creative outlets (such as music and art) can reduce stress and clear your head of the tensions and demands of the day. Engaging in a meaningful hobby – and steering clear of social media and screen time – is key to increasing mindfulness and achieving greater fulfillment.

Tap into your support system.

During times of extreme stress, it’s essential to tap into a support system. Some people find a strong support system in their families, while others lean on friends, mentors, or colleagues. Spending time with others who can provide comfort and solace when you’re feeling burned out can provide a welcome diversion after a difficult day. Often, your network can be a source of guidance in navigating challenging situations and providing a much-needed distraction from the fast-paced workplace.

Maintain an after-work routine.

While schedules and commitments can change, maintaining some semblance of an after-work routine is critical for your mental and physical health. A balanced routine can include a variety of healthy habits, such as a nutritious meal, some exercise, and meditation. Engaging in a regular routine can have a grounding effect, allowing you to physically recharge and regain mental clarity. Adhering to a routine (at least most days) will allow you to build your stamina so you can go to work every day feeling your strongest both mentally and physically.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all work-related stress, following these practices is sure to improve your overall health and happiness!

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