Boost Employee Morale to Increase Productivity!

The mood in the workplace and employee productivity go hand in hand – when one is high, the other climbs as well. Meanwhile, low morale undermines productivity, cooperation, and creativity, key elements to meeting business goals.

Productivity and engagement go hand in hand. In order to fully gauge the morale of your employees (as well as increase productivity), you need to show that you are invested in your employee’s well-being. If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity in your business, consider boosting employee morale with tips like the following:

  • Welcome new employees to the team.  New employees should not only be given a warm welcome, but encouraged to feel like they’re part of the workplace team and that what they do matters.  A successful onboarding program can help new employees feel like they belong.  Assigning an employee mentor can also be a valuable way for new employees to feel accepted and safe asking questions about their new role.
  • Try unconventional team building.  Team-building exercises are key for building cooperation among employees and helping new ones “break the ice,” but team building doesn’t have to be limited to stuffy boardroom exercises. Try setting up a workplace athletic team, obstacle course, or scavenger hunt to bring workers together and inject some fun into the job.
  • Celebrate company accomplishments together.  Letting employees know when the company has met its goals or exceeded previous performance helps them see that their work has yielded results. To give employee morale an extra boost, include employees in the celebration in a way that underscores how their contributions made success possible. Celebrating accomplishments as a whole company also helps them understand that their jobs are secure due to fact the company is stable and growing.
  • Make time for “pet projects,” innovation, and education. Employees who have the free time to pursue “pet projects” or develop new ideas related to their work are generally happier, more productive, and more creative than employees who don’t have this time.  Make occasional openings in the schedule for employees to tackle projects they’re passionate about.
  • Offer time to “do good” outside the office.  A balanced life is key to an employee’s productivity and preventing burnout.  Help employees balance their work and personal lives by giving them a few hours each month to pursue charitable or volunteer projects of their choice. You’ll help boost productivity and demonstrate that your company and its employees really care about the community.

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