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Artificial Intelligence: How IT Can Help HR Professionals

As an HR professional, you know that a good part of your job consists of saying “No.” You reject far more people than you hire, maybe even at a 100:1 ratio in some fields. All that rejecting eats up a lot of your time — but it’s worth it to find the right person for… Read more »

Five IT Careers In Orange County

Information Technology presents a host of opportunities in California, and Orange County is no exception. From technology repair to server maintenance, computer and technology specialists can find a job whether they enjoy working face-to-face with the public or behind the scenes. The Information Technology industry changes constantly, but some career options in the sector seem… Read more »

Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes When Conducting Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a mainstay in employee management and growth, so it pays to learn how to conduct them effectively.  Here are four of the biggest mistakes employers make when conducting performance reviews and how to address them: Giving only one person’s perspective. When a review comes from only one person – such as the… Read more »

Increase ROI From Your Staffing Strategy by Doing This

Like most SoCal companies, your organization probably has a staffing strategy – even if you don’t call it that.  However, you may not know by taking one simple step, you can increase your ROI at every stage of your staffing process. That step?  Contact a recruiter. Here’s how working with a staffing firm pays off:… Read more »

From Employee to Manager: Shifting Your Career Into a Managerial Role

As a tech professional, you’ve mastered the art of writing code, building websites or helping others solve technical issues. You’re passionate about your work, but now that you’ve spent at least a few years on the job, you’re ready for something more. Holding a managerial role is a huge responsibility and frankly something that’s not… Read more »

5 Characteristics to Look for in a SoCal IT Staffing Firm

Many companies in SoCal rely on their IT staff for everything from organizing the office computer system to keeping proprietary data safe from hackers.  But when your ordinary methods of finding new talent aren’t turning up the quality and experience you’re looking for, where do you start? Partnering with the right recruiting firm can make… Read more »

Advance in an IT Career Through Professional Networks

IT professionals spend a great deal of time focused on the efficiency and effectiveness of computer networks. What they may not think about is the efficiency and effectiveness of their professional network. The people you know can help you expand your career, answer tough questions on the job, and find the next project or employer… Read more »

Can Working Overtime Be Good for Your IT Career?

At some point in any IT developer’s career, he or she will be working overtime to complete a project. Working overtime certainly benefits the project, especially if it gets everyone back on schedule. But working overtime can also benefit your career as a whole. Here’s how working overtime can be good for your IT career:… Read more »

5 Tips to Help You Manage a Virtual (or Remote) Workplace

Virtual and remote workplaces are a fact of life in IT and similar fields. The ability to work from anywhere can either help productivity skyrocket or make it stumble. Managers who lead virtual or remote teams face unique challenges. When the team is offsite, the need for effective leadership doesn’t diminish, but the tools available… Read more »

What Areas of Expertise Do Tomorrow’s IT Specialists Need?

Information technology (IT) is an ever-changing field. Since the field’s beginnings, IT specialists have needed to be quick learners, systematic thinkers, and innovators. While these qualities haven’t dropped from the list of top IT specialist abilities, the areas of expertise in which IT specialists need to have a working knowledge continue to evolve. Here are… Read more »