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Artificial Intelligence: How IT Can Help HR Professionals

As an HR professional, you know that a good part of your job consists of saying “No.” You reject far more people than you hire, maybe even at a 100:1 ratio in some fields. All that rejecting eats up a lot of your time — but it’s worth it to find the right person for… Read more »

Three Smart Questions to Ask In Your Next Interview

An interview with any potential employer is probably one of the best ways for a candidate to make a great first impression while simultaneously showcasing specific talents. For the employer, it is an opportunity to find the best possible candidate for the job at hand. What an interview is not, is a one sided interrogation… Read more »

How to be a Successful Professional in Los Angeles

A successful individual is one that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of work on a consistent basis. To thrive in a highly competitive area like Los Angeles, it also takes a solid education, a dedication to learning, and a willingness to change and grow with the company. Even for those looking to be… Read more »

What Does The New Generation of Millennials Want from their Careers?

It is expected that the current generation of millennials will make up 48% of the workforce by the year 2020. Many are wondering what exactly these millennials are looking for in their careers, especially since many of them stay at one job for fewer than three years at a time. Read on to find out… Read more »

Red Flags On Your Resume That Hiring Managers See

Hiring managers spend only seconds skimming your resume before making a quick decision about whether or not to reject or consider you as a potential candidate. That is why it is essential that your resume is free from the “red flags” that will turn them off during that short initial scan. Below are five red… Read more »

Remote Team Meeting Etiquette Rules Every Professional Should Follow

The growing popularity of remotely located teams has companies relying more heavily on virtual meetings for collaboration and communication. Having staff abide by standard rule sets can keep remote meetings efficient and productive. Below are a few tips for leaders and organizations to ensure proper etiquette on every conference call: Begin with introductions Even when… Read more »

The Top Five Industries to work for in San Diego

US News and World Report ranked San Diego number 22 on its list of best places to live in the United States. The area offers gorgeous beaches, distinct neighborhoods, outdoor sports, and world-class dining options. San Diego also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, beating both the national, and state averages…. Read more »

What every employer needs to know about Background Checks

When making personnel decisions – including hiring, retention, promotion, and reassignment – employers sometimes want to consider the backgrounds of applicants and employees. However, before moving forward, every company must be aware of class action litigation against employers for violating rules in obtaining and using a background report. To find out why more businesses need… Read more »

How To Choose Good Passwords For Your Personal & Work Accounts

Passwords exist to protect user data in both personal and work-related accounts. No password provides 100% protection; but a strong password often makes the effort required to breach it significantly higher than the value of information gained. Because personal information and work data have such high value today (passwords sell on the black market for… Read more »

Three Ways Computer Hackers Can Steal Your Passwords

If you think your passwords are safe, think again. Computer hackers have hundreds of ways to steal your credentials, and their techniques have become more sophisticated. In 2016 alone, over two million accounts on PayPal, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and other popular sites, were compromised. This kind of event can be life-changing, a nuisance and at… Read more »