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Why you should work with a recruiter. #MarqueeStaffing

As a professional, you’ve dedicated your time and energy to honing your skills and gaining valuable experience, and you’re always considering the next best step in your career. Whether that next step moves you forward on a planned path or opens up a new field for your experience, it’s important to choose both the job… Read more »

Email Etiquette After A Job Interview

Orange County Job seekers often assume that once an interview is complete, there is nothing to do besides wait to hear from the interviewer. Unfortunately, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. After a job interview, applicants should send a thank you email to the interviewer. Following up via email shows hiring managers that you appreciated… Read more »

How To Land A Job With A Degree But No Work Experience

Landing a job without the right work experience can be difficult, even for applicants with a relevant degree. Orange County employers often want to see proof that job seekers can handle themselves in a professional environment. While success in an academic environment is impressive, graduates without real-world job experience might need to get creative in… Read more »

How To Recruit & Retain Millennials

Millennials have a reputation for being tech-savvy individuals who are very career focused. This new generation of workers is said to be the most educated in history and also the hardest to recruit because of their requirements of flexibility, engagement and use of technology. Check out three ways recruiters can attract this new generation of… Read more »

What Are Orange County Employers Looking For In Job Candidates?

Job seekers ready to enter the market in and around Orange County must brush up on interview skills and bring resumes up to date. Success with both requires knowing what employers in the Orange County Area are looking for in job candidates. Here are two things that will set you apart from the job application… Read more »

How To Get Hired In Orange County Without Having Loads Of Experience

Searching for a job can be frustrating. That dream job you have been looking for may seem like the perfect fit but could reject you due to lack of experience. You may be confident in your abilities to perform the job, but getting an interview can be a challenge. If you are a recent college… Read more »

Three Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Job Hunt In Orange County


If you are looking to land your dream job in Orange County, California then you should be confident and not self-sabotage your chances of getting your ‘foot in the door.’ Orange County is one of the most sought after areas in the country to live and work, it’s also one of the most competitive. Second… Read more »

7 Tips to Declutter Your Resume

Many SoCal residents make New Year’s resolutions as January begins.  Often, these resolutions have to do with improving our lives in some way, such as by getting more exercise or decluttering our homes to provide a more restful space. If decluttering is on your to-do list, don’t limit it to your basement or bedroom.  Take… Read more »

Southern California Jobs: 7 Tips for Finding a Job

As 2017 begins, many Southern California professionals are looking for new jobs.  Whether you’re currently out of work or are considering a switch to a new position or employer, here’s how to run a more efficient and effective job search: Ask “why?” The what, where and how much of hiring are big questions – and… Read more »

7 Steps to a Better Resume

Studies show the average hiring manager spends only six second skimming resumes on a first read.  Six seconds are all that stand between you and a phone call – or a trip to the circular file. How can you make sure your resume lands in the “to-call” pile?  Here are seven ways to improve your… Read more »