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Why you should work with a recruiter. #MarqueeStaffing

As a professional, you’ve dedicated your time and energy to honing your skills and gaining valuable experience, and you’re always considering the next best step in your career. Whether that next step moves you forward on a planned path or opens up a new field for your experience, it’s important to choose both the job… Read more »

Getting an IT Job After Graduating From a SoCal Program

You’ve spent several years focused on learning all you can about your planned career field. Now it’s time to demonstrate to employers that you have what it takes to succeed on the job. Here are several ways to start making yourself visible to companies and recruiters who are looking for great new IT talent in… Read more »

Top Temporary Job Opportunities: Executive Assistant

Many offices employ at least one executive assistant, and larger offices often employ more than one.  Executive Assistants may start as temporary employees, as the duties and responsibilities an Executive Assistant performs can offer a springboard to future employment either with a temporary employer or with another employer. What does an executive assistant’s day look… Read more »