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How to Help a Low-Performing Employee

Dealing with a low-performing employee is one of the most difficult tasks a manager might face, but it’s something that most supervisors have to handle eventually. Using improper techniques can increase the employee’s frustration and cause more problems, so it’s important for managers to tread carefully. One way to deal with difficult employees is to… Read more »

What Every CEO Should Know About Cybersecurity

Technology is rapidly modernizing the way companies do business and with the rise of employees working remotely, organizations need to work even harder to keep their data secure. The business world can see over 200,000 security events every day, which is why cyber security should be at the top of every CEO’s list. Loss of… Read more »

The Secret To Motivating Employees: What Every CEO Should Know

Many executives wonder how to get workers to apply themselves to difficult tasks when monetary intensives do not seem to be doing the trick. The fact is that companies can’t limit themselves to monetary motivation alone because people can have a variety of reasons for working and differing opinions on what makes for a happy… Read more »

4 Strategies for Improving Staff Retention in 2017

When it comes to your staff, finding great candidates is only half the battle.  The other half is keeping them. “Recruiting” and “retention” are often mentioned together because they are two sides of the same coin.  When you pay careful attention to your recruiting practices, you can choose people who are more likely to contribute… Read more »

5 Benefits of Setting up a Job Shadowing Program

The words “job shadowing” make many human resources managers picture their high school days, in which they followed an adult acquaintance around to learn more about what they did from day to day.  Today, however, companies across SoCal and the United States are setting up job-shadowing programs in which employees can work alongside one another…. Read more »

7 Great Podcasts all Managers Should Listen To

Podcasts – on-demand audio shows – provide information on a huge variety of topics, and some of the best podcasts out there are focused on business. Here are seven must-listen podcasts for managers: HBR Ideacast HBR’s Ideacast has been one of the top business podcasts for years. Every week, the podcast talks to CEOs from… Read more »

How to Create an Environment of Open Communication in the Workplace

Open communication offers extraordinary benefits to the workplaces that practice it consistently.  When communication is open and straightforward, employees do better work.  They experience less stress, because they understand what needs to happen and where to find the resources to complete the task.  And they are more likely to speak up if they see a… Read more »

5 Ways Your Company (and You!) Can Make a Difference This Summer

During the summer, you’ve got projects to complete and goals to reach – but you also want to be able to spend time outdoors, helping your community.  How can you achieve the best of both worlds?  Here are five ways you and your company can have fun by giving back this summer. Barbecue for a… Read more »

How to Keep Your Staff Engaged and Productive This Summer

Outside your office windows, summer’s sunshine, warm weather, fresh breezes and long days beckon.  How can you keep yourself and your staff on task when summer fun calls? Keep these tips in mind: Go outside (sometimes). Hold a meeting outside at least once a week. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight helps the body… Read more »

What Every Manager Needs to Know About Employee Retention

Replacing a member of your team is expensive. While the price tag varies from study to study, most have found that you’ll lose up to twice the employee’s annual salary on replacing them – a number that includes not only the costs of running job ads, but also the lost productivity while a replacement is… Read more »