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Artificial Intelligence: How IT Can Help HR Professionals

As an HR professional, you know that a good part of your job consists of saying “No.” You reject far more people than you hire, maybe even at a 100:1 ratio in some fields. All that rejecting eats up a lot of your time — but it’s worth it to find the right person for… Read more »

How Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace Can Lead to Healthy Working Habits

Utilizing positive reinforcement within the workplace encourages individuals to continue to work harder, achieve productivity goals, and continue to meet desirable standards. The goal of positive reinforcement is to inspire a person to continue to perform a task in a favorable manner. The company benefits from seeing a better outcome on a more consistent basis,… Read more »

Is Your Employment Brand Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

What does your company offer candidates that no other company does? The answer to this question should appear front and center in your employment brand. Employment branding encompasses your reputation as an employer, as well as the strategies you use to attract candidates to your application process. It can be a powerful marketing tool to… Read more »

Increase ROI From Your Staffing Strategy by Doing This

Like most SoCal companies, your organization probably has a staffing strategy – even if you don’t call it that.  However, you may not know by taking one simple step, you can increase your ROI at every stage of your staffing process. That step?  Contact a recruiter. Here’s how working with a staffing firm pays off:… Read more »

Don’t Overlook These Characteristics When Hiring

When you’re hiring, you want to find someone with the skills and experience to do the job well. But to find a candidate who will thrive in your workplace, enhance your team and boost productivity, you’ll need to think past the technical demands of the job. Here are the essential characteristics to look for when… Read more »

6 Outside-the-Box Questions to Ask Professional Job Candidates

Professional job candidates have typically put in years of education, training, and experience to reach their current positions.  They’re focused, dedicated, and they have both a bank of knowledge and the skills to put it to use. In other words, they aren’t your ordinary candidates.  And asking them ordinary candidate questions might not reveal what… Read more »

5 Signs Your Hiring Plan Is Letting You Down

You’ve developed a mission, set goals, and created a hiring plan to help you find the people you need – yet recruiting is still struggling.  Resumes don’t line up with job postings, top candidates drop out of the process, and your new hires struggle to “fit in” with the rest of the team.  What’s going… Read more »

7 Signs of a Reputable Staffing Firm in Southern California

Beautiful, sunny SoCal is full of talented candidates and companies competing to acquire them.  It’s also full of staffing firms, some of which are more reliable than others. How can you know you’ve chosen the staffing company that’s right for you?  Look for these seven signs of a reputable staffing firm: They have a great… Read more »

6 Benefits of Using Temporary Staffing Services

Whether you’re facing a seasonal rush, transitioning within your company or simply need to finish a large specialized project, working with a recruiter to find qualified temp staff can significantly ease your burden. Here’s how. Temp workers offer a productivity “boost.” Temporary workers are goal-oriented and know they have only a short time to finish… Read more »

4 Ways to Vet Job Candidates in Southern California

On top of your latest pile of resumes are several that really stood out.  These candidates look like great potential hires – but how do you determine whether the person matches the paperwork? It’s important to vet candidates.  And it’s valuable to do so before you extend offers for interviews, so you can spend that… Read more »