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Five Things that will leave a Good Impression at your next Interview

When preparing for a job interview, you probably focus on questions that the interviewer is likely to ask. However, just getting the answers right does not necessarily guarantee that you will ace the interview. Seasoned interviewers pay attention to their instincts as they ascertain whether you would be a good fit for the company. Small… Read more »

Looking For A Job In Southern California? Check Out These Habits That Will Land You An Interview

The first real hurdle to clear when looking for a job in Southern California is landing that first interview. In fields as diverse as accounting, engineering, human resources or customer service, if job seekers can’t talk to a hiring manager, their search may not be fruitful. Take a look at some habits worth developing to… Read more »

10-Minute Guide to Researching a Potential Employer

When you show up to an interview, the employer expects you to know about the company and why you want to work there – and if you want the job, you won’t disappoint them. Here is our “quick start” guide to researching a potential employer. Review your notes. When you applied for the job, you… Read more »

8 Great Questions You Should Ask in Your Next Job Interview

You’ve landed an interview with a great company. Congratulations! But if you treat the interview solely as a chance to sell yourself, you’re missing out. The best interviews are dialogues; you have a conversation with the interviewer, with the shared goal of finding out whether you both think this relationship is going to work. To… Read more »

6 Outside-the-Box Questions to Ask Professional Job Candidates

Professional job candidates have typically put in years of education, training, and experience to reach their current positions.  They’re focused, dedicated, and they have both a bank of knowledge and the skills to put it to use. In other words, they aren’t your ordinary candidates.  And asking them ordinary candidate questions might not reveal what… Read more »

7 Questions to Expect in a Temporary Job Interview

In a temp job interview, employers want to know if you’ve got the skills and experience they need, and that your personality will “mesh” well with the company’s culture – just like in a traditional interview.  However, they also want to know whether you’re the right fit for the contract position. Here are seven common… Read more »

The Busy Professional’s Handbook to Interview Prep

What do interviewers look for? This question can seem like a “black box” to many job seekers. Certainly, employers look at your skills, experience, and personality “fit” with the rest of the team. But the number-one question on every hiring manager’s mind is: “How does hiring this person benefit our company?” Save time and prepare… Read more »

Answer the Interview Question: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

“Why do you want to work here?” Like many interview questions, this one actually hides a slightly different question: “Why are you the best candidate for this job?” Candidates who can demonstrate knowledge about the company and a clear understanding of how the job they’re applying for fits into the “big picture” show that they’re… Read more »

5 IT Interview Questions to Anticipate (and 5 Great Answers to Them!)

“Tell us about yourself.” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” “What’s your greatest weakness?” If you’re looking for a job, you recognize these classic interview questions – and you probably have an answer prepared for every single one. But if you’re looking for a top job in information technology, you’ll also have to… Read more »

How to Recover When You Drop the Ball in a Job Interview

Everyone makes mistakes, but no one wants to make a mistake in a job interview.  Luckily, few job-interview mistakes will destroy your chances of recovering and making an overall good impression.  In fact, being able to recover gracefully when you drop the ball in a job interview can help improve your overall impression: hiring managers… Read more »