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Why Military Veterans Make Great Employees

Employers and companies can benefit from hiring Veterans because military personnel are often cross-trained in multiple skills and have experience in varied tasks and responsibilities. Veterans have learned over the course of their careers how to work hard, be team players and leaders. Hiring a veteran can be profitable to businesses on many different levels… Read more »

Five Unexpected Places In Irvine You Might Find Your Next Employee

Successful employers are always looking for qualified, suitable candidates. Hiring managers that think outside the resume pile can meet business needs proactively by bringing on employees with the right attitude and a willingness to learn. Here are five places outside traditional applicant pools where companies can find new talent: Through College Students College students know… Read more »

Why More Companies Are Hiring Applicants With A Competitive Background In IT

We all know that the Information Technology department ensures computer equipment, phones, and networks are running smoothly so that everyone else can work efficiently. But today’s IT departments are often called on for much more. Filling this complicated and highly technical department with experienced employees who have a competitive background in the niche is a… Read more »

Working With Veterans: What Every Employer Needs To Know

The right employees bring creativity, wisdom and expertise to the roles they fill, and veterans frequently tick the boxes in all those areas. Rigorously trained and then exposed to challenging situations and harsh environments, military veterans arrive home with much to offer. Because of their experiences, veterans often make excellent leaders. Swift, pragmatic decision-making skills,… Read more »

Is Your Employment Brand Hurting Your Recruiting Efforts?

What does your company offer candidates that no other company does? The answer to this question should appear front and center in your employment brand. Employment branding encompasses your reputation as an employer, as well as the strategies you use to attract candidates to your application process. It can be a powerful marketing tool to… Read more »

Increase ROI From Your Staffing Strategy by Doing This

Like most SoCal companies, your organization probably has a staffing strategy – even if you don’t call it that.  However, you may not know by taking one simple step, you can increase your ROI at every stage of your staffing process. That step?  Contact a recruiter. Here’s how working with a staffing firm pays off:… Read more »

How to Spot a Job Hopper (Before It Is Too Late)

In today’s fast-changing economic environment, a certain amount of job mobility can be expected from any candidate.  Professionals switch employers and positions as they climb the career ladder and weather economic storms.  With mobility as the “new normal,” how can you tell when a candidate has taken advantage of the opportunities presented – and when… Read more »

How to Speed up Your Hiring Process

With 2017 just around the corner, now is a great time to review your hiring processes from the past year and find ways to streamline them in order to recruit better talent in the year ahead. In a tight hiring market, speed is key – but no company wants to speed up the process so… Read more »

Is Your Interview Style Costing You Top Talent?

Every job candidate knows that giving a weak interview can cost a candidate the job.  But fewer hiring managers realize that conducting an interview poorly can also result in top candidates walking out on the process. An interview is a dialogue.  You’re evaluating the candidate to see whether they can bring the value you need,… Read more »

6 Benefits of Using Temporary Staffing Services

Whether you’re facing a seasonal rush, transitioning within your company or simply need to finish a large specialized project, working with a recruiter to find qualified temp staff can significantly ease your burden. Here’s how. Temp workers offer a productivity “boost.” Temporary workers are goal-oriented and know they have only a short time to finish… Read more »