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Say This, Not That: 5 Phrases to Strike From Your Cover Letter

Most job seekers already know how important it is to strike empty buzzwords from their resumes and replace them with accurate, vibrant terms that convey their accomplishments and goals. But fewer job seekers pay similar attention to their cover letters – at their peril. Hiring managers turn to your cover letter to learn things they… Read more »

How to Build a Custom Resume for a Dream Job

You’ve found it: the perfect job posting. Your skills and experience match every single line under “Essential Duties.” The job title is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Best of all, it’s a posting from none other than your dream employer. Now that you’ve found the perfect job posting, how do you produce a resume… Read more »

Before Applying, Fix These Resume Blunders

As one of the keystone pieces of your professional “brand,” your resume says a great deal about you – and you have plenty of creative room to create a document that will highlight your best work in front of top employers. “Plenty” of creative room, however, doesn’t mean total freedom. There are still several mistakes… Read more »

Duties? Or Qualifications? – What Should be Listed on Your Resume?

When you’re applying for a position, you may tailor your resume to the list of job requirements posted in the ad.  While this is a useful way to protect your resume from the circular file, it does little to help you stand out. Most candidates for a job opening will list the qualifications the job… Read more »