Finding Passive Job Seekers

It’s easy for companies to miss “passive” job seekers – those individuals who are currently working in one position, yet always keeping their ears open for news of a job that is a better fit or offers more attractive scheduling or benefits.  Yet these employees offer extraordinary value for companies.

Any employer can tap the passive job-seeker market. If you’re looking to maximize the pool of qualified applicants in your recruiting search, consider the following tips for reaching passive job seekers:

  • Utilize your staffing firm. An experienced staffing firm knows how to reach passive job seekers and encourage them to consider what your company has to offer.  Passive job seekers often have different motivations than other job seekers – skilled recruiters can uncover what makes a passive job seeker “tick” and match great employees to great companies.
  • Network, network, network!  Joining local and professional organizations is a great way to expand your connections and catch the attention of passive job seekers. Become a resource in your professional network to further encourage job seekers to seek you out.  For instance, Marquee Staffing uses its memberships in professional organizations like NHRA, SHRM, PIHRA, and OCEMA, as well as its active involvement with JDRF, a local charity, to spread the word of its expertise and connect with those seeking work.
  • Use branding to ping a job seeker’s radar.  An integrated strategy of traditional marketing, community recognition, and active participation in your industry can all help raise awareness of your brand and encourage passive job seekers to switch to “active” mode.
  • Social media offers advantages too.  If you’re hiring for a specific position, announce it on your social media sites. Passive job seekers interested in your company may turn your announcement into a shared opportunity.
  • Have you heard about LinkedIn’s newest tool?  InMail, a LinkedIn product, allows recruiters to “touch” passive candidates more efficiently by sending InMail messages to qualified candidates who aren’t currently connected to a hiring company.  It’s an easy way for recruiters to generate interest in job opportunities that qualified job seekers might otherwise miss – and it’s one more reason every company seeking the best possible talent should work with a qualified recruiting firm.

At Marquee Staffing, our skilled southern California recruiters know how to tap the passive job-seeker market. Contact us today so we can put our talent to work for you.