Does the Candidate Fit Your Culture?

Like any social group, each company or organization has its own culture. While you may not consider your organization’s culture on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to think about its rules and norms when you’re searching for your next superstar hire.

Professional qualifications, skills, and experience are only half the story when it comes to choosing the best candidate for your business. Even qualified candidates may encounter problems on the job if they’re a poor fit with the company’s culture. These problems can lead to difficulties accomplishing projects or even to an employee seeking work elsewhere – leaving you with the job of re-filling an important position.

When it’s time to hire, consider not only the profile of your ideal candidate, but also what qualities make up your company’s culture. Then, assess the fit of each potential employee with the culture as well as the job requirements.  Here are some methods for assessing a candidate’s comfort with your company culture:

  • Use referrals.  References and internal connections can often give you the “inside scoop” on the culture in a candidate’s current or former positions and how well he or she fit in.  Don’t be afraid to ask about a candidate’s behavior and interpersonal skills as well as his or her professional abilities.
  • Give fit tests.  Several tests are available that assess a candidate’s personal preferences when dealing with others and while carrying out work projects. Giving one of these evaluations during the screening process can help you find candidates whose personal “work culture” matches the one in your organization.
  • Ask questions.  During the interview, ask a candidate what sort of company environments they’ve worked in before. Ask what a candidate liked about the company culture and what he or she didn’t like. The candidate’s answers can reveal a great deal about how well the candidate will fit in the position you’re seeking to fill.
  • Consider offering job previews.  Giving prospective candidates a chance to “job shadow” or to participate in another authentic job preview pays off in two ways: it lets candidates assess whether your organization’s culture is a good fit for them, and it lets you assess whether the candidate is a good fit for the culture.  If you’re both pleased with the results, you may have found your stellar hire.

At Marquee Staffing, our dedicated recruiters consider all the angles to help you choose employees who are a good fit professionally and personally with your organization. For more information, contact us today.