Making the Most of Job Fairs

Job fairs offer a wealth of opportunities and several benefits for job seekers.  They consolidate local job opportunities in one location, giving you the chance to learn about a wide range of openings without days of legwork. They also give you the chance to connect with recruiters, who can help you find a temporary, contract, or direct hire position that fits your specific skills and goals.

How can you get the most out of a job fair?  Employ these great strategies for job fair success to improve your experience.

Step One: Before the Job Fair

  • Preregister for the fair if you can. Preregistration often comes with perks like discounted fees or early access to employer information.
  • Research the employers and recruiters who will be at the fair, as well as the skills and experience these companies are likely to be looking for. The job fair information page often contains this info.
  • Choose your top five employers to visit, and identify at least two questions you’d like to ask each one.
  • Double-check your resume. Print extra copies to bring to the job fair.

Step Two: At the Job Fair

  • Dress for the job you want. First impressions make a big impact.
  • Take time to talk to employers – don’t just drop off a resume and move on.  Ask about the openings they have and the type of people they’re looking for. Establishing even one solid job prospect is worth more than dropping off a dozen resumes.
  • Show interest, good manners, and enthusiasm when speaking to employers.  Communicate your interest in working with their organization, and don’t be afraid to discuss how your skills match what the company says it’s looking for.
  • Get the contact information for each employer and representative you speak to, and follow up with a thank-you note.
  • Don’t skip the recruiters.  Recruiters specialize in matching people to jobs, and their knowledge of your field and its available openings is significant. Recruiters can be an invaluable resource in your job search, so plan to use the same focus and approach with them that you’d use with employers.

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