Carving Out Your Niche in Your Company Will Make You Invaluable

The recent economic recession rattled employees in nearly every U.S. industry. Now more than ever, workers know how important it is to keep a solid position in a company and an industry that offer chances for career growth.

If you’ve found your place in such a company, you may be considering the next question: how to stay?  Employees in any industry can make themselves invaluable by embracing their positions and identifying opportunities for personal and professional growth. The more valuable you become in your current position, the more valuable you become to the field as a whole, and the stronger your position when pursuing your career goals.

Looking for ways to make yourself invaluable to your current company or employer? Consider the following tips:

  • Go above and beyond.  Think of your job description as a floor, not a ceiling, and seek out projects that aren’t listed in the basic description. One way to do this is to identify the larger goals of which your position is a part, and find ways to contribute to the overall goals that go beyond “just doing your job.”
  • Innovate and improve.  Improving your skills makes you invaluable in your current position and sets you up for promotion.  To do this, you may have to get innovative. Consider online courses or weekend classes if you need further education or a particular credential, or look into job shadowing to learn more about a position you’d like to reach within your company.
  • Embrace your workplace.  Every workplace has its quirks, from the mail carrier who won’t stop chatting about baseball to the coffee pot that boils over every other Tuesday.  Instead of seeing these quirks as obstacles, see them as opportunities to make your workplace work for you.
  • Support your co-workers.  Employees who support one another and give credit where due build an image as an integral part of the team – an image that is key to making yourself invaluable in any job. If the company can’t imagine going on without you, chances are they won’t try. Support your co-workers, find ways to help everyone get the job done, and be generous with credit for success – including when that credit should fairly go to you.

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