4 Rules to Follow When Considering a Career Change

If your current career path isn’t heading in the direction you prefer, you may be considering a career change.  Changing careers is both exciting and scary, and often for the same reasons: you’re stepping out into the unknown, facing new opportunities but also disrupting your predictable path.

Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the disruption and stress imposed by a career change while maximizing the excitement and opportunity.  Whether you’re merely considering a change in career or have already begun the process, consider the following rules for making your transition a smooth one:

  • Identify your transferable skills.  What are you good at?  Which skills have you developed that would be valuable in a different position or career field?  Consider not only “hard skills” like how to perform certain job duties, but also “soft skills” like communication, time management, organization, and self-motivation.
  • Focus on your skills, not your past positions.  Your past career path is just that – in the past.  Leave your past job titles behind, and focus instead on what made you a success in your most recent job positions.  Are you organized?  Can you explain tough concepts well or smooth relations between contentious co-workers?  Do you always make your deadlines?
  • Plan to obtain the knowledge and skills you need.  A career change may require you to have knowledge or specific skills you don’t currently have.  You may need to go back to school or take a certification course, or you may be able to learn the basics by putting in some time reading online or at your local library.  Find the gaps in your knowledge and carry out a plan to fill them.
  • Breathe.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the new skills, new knowledge, new field, and new opportunities a career change presents.  Stay focused on your goals and use your own hard work to lead you to success.

Our dedicated recruiters at Marquee Staffing have helped many professionals make a lasting and beneficial career change.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the shift as well!