Frustrated with Your Job Search? How to De-stress and Find a Great Job

Job-seeking is tough work.  In a field where openings are slim or competition is fierce, offers for interviews can be few and far between, and candidates may send out dozens or even hundreds of resumes in the hope of hearing from just one or two potential employers.

In this environment, it’s no wonder that many candidates grow frustrated with the job search process.  Luckily, help is available.  Here are three tips for breaking through frustration and searching smarter, not harder:

Differentiate yourself through your resume. Hiring managers in every industry share one task in common: they sift through piles of resumes to find the few promising candidates.  To stand out and increase your chances of a callback, your resume needs to answer the top question on a hiring manager’s mind: “What makes this person a better choice for the job than the others?”

Ways to create a stand-out resume include:

  • Tying your resume to the job description by using the same keywords and highlighting the essential skills and experience you possess that are called for in the job posting.
  • Emphasizing “soft skills” like communication and teamwork – especially if you are changing fields or your skills and experience aren’t top-notch.

Network effectively. Some job-seekers “network” by seeing how many hands they can shake and business cards they can sprinkle around like confetti.  While it’s certainly one way to get your name out there, it isn’t the most effective.  Instead, tap into the connections you already know and trust.

Two great sources for job-search networking are past employers and social media.  LinkedIn, the social networking site aimed specifically at career-building, offers you a way to connect with past employers and co-workers and to present yourself in your best professional light.

Job search every day. This advice sounds counterintuitive to many frustrated job-seekers.  Why do something every day that causes frustration?  By working on your job search every day, you break down a large task into smaller steps, allowing you to get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

Make a list of job search tasks and determine which you can do daily, like reading job listings, and which can be done when the need arises, like practicing for an interview, researching a prospective employer, or contacting recruiters.  Space out the “as-needed” tasks so you don’t overwhelm yourself with all your job-search work on a single day.

Finally, don’t give up!  Trust yourself and your skill set, and keep searching.  If you need additional help, the experienced recruiters at Marquee Staffing are prepared to help you cut through job search frustration and find the work you’re looking for. Contact us today to learn more!