Non-Traditional Retention Techniques You Should Be Using

Retention is a powerful tool.  Companies that retain their top employees save considerable time, effort, and expense that would otherwise be spent on the search and selection process.  They cultivate employees’ talents and reap the benefits of a relationship that provides a sense of reliability and encouragement on both sides.

Although nearly all companies understand the benefits of retention, fewer know how to retain the talent they have.  “Traditional” retention ideas, like offering raises or improved benefits, don’t always work – employees may be motivated by factors that have little or nothing to do with pay.

Here are a few non-traditional ideas for encouraging employee retention:

  • Improve your search process.  Keeping top talent begins long before a new hire’s first day on the job.  By working with a staffing partner, you can sift through a pool of qualified candidates to find those whose personal goals and values fit well within your company culture.  When workers fit well into a company’s culture, both they and the organization benefit – and the employees are more likely to stay.
  • Make their non-work lives easier.  Employees live entire lives outside the workplace, and they value employers who recognize this fact and strive to make both their work and non-work lives easier.  Consider offering voluntary benefits payable via payroll deductions, like college savings plans, or make it easier for employees to access needed services like ATMs or dry cleaning by making access available on-site.
  • Commit to stress relief.  Many workplaces experience high-stress periods, especially when a large project deadline is looming.  During these times, encourage employees to de-stress as much as possible.  Consider relaxing dress codes or having lunch catered, so that workers can feel more comfortable while trying to focus on a critical task.
  • Support employees through times of personal crisis.  At some point, nearly every employee will encounter a personal hardship: the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a marriage, or a serious illness or injury.  Create programs that offer counseling services, back-up childcare referrals, and other resources employees can access during these times, and ensure employees know they have the company’s full support in troubling times.

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