Four Signs of a Great Staffing Firm

If your company doesn’t work with a staffing firm that specializes in your field, it’s time to start.  Staffing firms offer unparalleled resources in the form of extensive networks of candidates, top-notch industry analysis and information, and a team with expertise and enthusiasm in helping companies create and implement effective staffing plans.

When choosing a staffing firm, where should you start?  Here are four signs of a great staffing firm:

  1. They’re well-established.  A great staffing firm will have made a name for itself in the industry, but it won’t rest on its laurels.  Great staffing partners know they are only as good as their last top candidate placed or project completed.  They’ll continue to delve into a deep talent pool to meet their client’s needs, and they’ll listen when clients explain exactly who they need and why.
  2. They’ll work with you to find solutions to your staffing issues.  Whether you’re struggling with high turnover or simply can’t find candidates with the skill sets you need, a great staffing partner will listen.  Then, they’ll provide ideas, create plans, and help you execute them.  A great staffing firm thinks long-term when it comes to client relationships.
  3. Their clients and candidates describe them in positive terms.  Positive client testimonials are certainly promising when you’re seeking to become a staffing firm client yourself.  But positive testimonials from candidates are equally important when seeking a great staffing firm.  Candidates who rate a staffing firm highly indicate that the firm treats them well; it seeks to ensure that each candidate is genuinely matched with the job that suits him or her best, not merely the job that happens to be available.
  4. They are accessible.  Think of accessibility in global terms: a great staffing firm should have offices that are easy to reach, but it should also be easy to contact remotely, via telephone, e-mail, or other means.  Staffing partners at the firm should respond promptly to messages and strive to find the best answers to your staffing questions.

The staffing partners at Marquee Staffing are dedicated to providing great service for each of our clients.  To learn more, contact us today!