Needing to Hire an IT Professional? Top Strategies to Keep in Mind

Technology moves at lightning speed, and businesses that make no attempt to keep up often find themselves floundering in the wake of their competitors.  Whether your business is hiring its first-ever information technology (IT) professional or adding to an already-existing team, it’s important to “hire smart.”

If you’re seeking to make a successful hire in information technology, consider the following tips:

  • Assess your business’s needs first.  Not all IT professionals are the same.  The best hire will be one whose skills fit the specific needs and goals your business has.  Before you begin searching for an IT professional to add to your team, consider what your organization needs most.  Do you need a Web designer who can work off-site, or a “fix-it” pro who is available immediately during business hours?  Are you changing your hardware, switching to a new operating system, or building a custom database?  Knowing what you need can help you find the best person for the job.
  • Seek candidates with people skills.  The stereotypical tech toils in a windowless office or basement tech closet, rarely coming into contact with other people.  In reality, however, IT professionals must be able to explain how their projects work and how non-IT gurus can use them effectively.  Seek candidates who can communicate effectively as well as tackle the technical side of your projects.
  • Ask candidates to “build a bridge” between their technical skills and your needs.  For instance, you may want to ask candidates during the interview to explain why their previous employer needed one of the projects they worked on and how it improved business.  Candidates who can “build a bridge” between their own skills and business outcomes are more likely to understand what will work best in your organization – and how to maximize the value of their own work.
  • Work with a staffing firm that specializes in IT professionals.  Like IT professionals themselves, not all staffing firms are created equal.  Those who specialize in placing IT professionals have a deep knowledge of the industry and an extensive talent network from which to draw.  Your staffing partner can help you find the IT people you need and ensure your staffing needs are met in the future.

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