How (and Why!) You Should Stay in Touch with Your Recruiter after Finding a Job

During your job search, you likely spent a significant amount of time talking to your recruiter.  You and your recruiter may have worked on polishing your resume, developing your cover letters and other correspondence, sharpening your interview skills, and identifying the best possible job opportunities for you to pursue.

Once all this work is done and you’ve thanked your recruiter for their help, it’s easy for many workers to focus on the demands of their new position and forget about maintaining communication with their staffing firm.  Even after you land that job, however, it’s important to maintain a positive, active relationship with your staffing partner.

Why?  First, because your recruiter is always on your side.  If a staffing decrease, economic downturn, or other unexpected event leaves you searching for a job again, your recruiter will be ready to take your side, putting you ahead in the scramble for a new job.

Second, your recruiter regularly builds and updates his or her professional network – in your field.  Your recruiter keeps you connected to a deep and vast network in your professional field, giving you a place to turn when you need specific help or wish to pose an idea to a specific person or professional.

Ways to stay connected to your recruiter include:

  • Monthly emails.  Sending your recruiter a monthly email is a great way to stay connected.  Send an update on how you’re adjusting to your new job, share an interesting bit of information in your field, or drop a line just to say “hi.”  Your recruiter welcomes these emails as a chance to see your success in action and to know that their skills and experience are valued.
  • Connecting on social media.  Connect with your recruiter on social media sites.  With one click, you not only become able to share information with your recruiter, but you give yourself access to valuable news, updates, and job opportunities your recruiter shares with your industry.  Even if you’re not actively looking for a new position, having a connection to your industry and your recruiter can help you make and change your career plans when needed.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters don’t quit work once we’ve matched you with a great job at a top company.  We’re here to help you meet any of your career-related needs, at any time.  Contact us today to learn more!