IT Professional? Why You Should Consider a Contract Position

Many IT professionals see landing a permanent position as the end goal of their careers.  If you’re in a permanent IT position and are considering a change, however, putting contract work on your list might offer the opportunities you’re looking for.

Why Contract Work?

The right contract position offers great opportunities for IT professionals who know their field but seek better pay or benefits for the work they do.  Just a few of the advantages of taking a contract position are:

  • Variety of projects and clients.  On average, IT professionals performing contract work change assignments every six months.  Each new project is slightly different, as is each new company and its culture, needs, and structure.  IT professionals tired of the “same old thing” at their current permanent position may find the variety and steady stream of new challenges in a contract position refreshing, injecting some new-found excitement and productivity into a familiar career.
  • Expanded network.  Moving from project to project means working with new groups of people, reporting to new supervisors, and connecting with new people at each new company you enter.  As a result, your network of professional contacts grows very quickly – expanding your opportunities to obtain new information and increasing your chances of finding new job opportunities that truly fit your skills and experiences.
  • Increased pay rate.  Contract positions offer the opportunity to increase your average pay rate.  Many contract jobs pay a premium, reflecting the urgency or importance of the project from the client’s point of view.  Contract work also gives you the flexibility to accept or reject a particular job based on pay rate or other compensation, allowing you to consider pay as just part of the overall opportunity.

How Do I Find a Great Contract Position?

While some IT professionals find contract work on their own, the best way to find a great contract position in your area is to work with a local recruiting firm that specializes in IT work.  The experienced recruiters at Marquee Staffing have an extensive local network and understand the IT world.  We can help you land the assignments you’re looking for, both now and in the future.  Contact us today to learn more!