Three Benefits of Having a Career Mentor

Whether you’re actively pursuing new job opportunities or just keeping your ears open for a better position, taking advantage of every tool available to boost your job search can help you land a position you’ll love at a company that supports your career goals.  While most job-seekers understand the importance of networking, polishing their resumes, and working with a recruiter, most don’t realize that having a career mentor can also offer immense benefit.

What is a “career mentor”?

In a mentoring relationship, two professionals work together.  Typically, the partner who has more experience, skill, or knowledge uses these assets to help the partner who is newer to the field.  A mentor may help a mentee build his or her network, master a new skill, or identify valuable resources.

A career mentor fulfills all these roles, but with a very specific focus: to help you find a job that works for you.

How can my career mentor help me?

Just a few of the tasks a career mentor can help you tackle include:

  • Evaluating your ideas, plans, and presentation.  Your career mentor should be someone experienced with hiring and staffing in your field.  With this knowledge, your mentor can work with you to help you determine whether your ideas and plans for job-searching are sound and that all your application materials present you in the best possible light.
  • Help you understand what it really takes to succeed in your field.  Most mentors have “been there, done that” when it comes to climbing the career ladder in your field.  With the wisdom born of perspective, they can help you understand which steps will move you more quickly toward your goals – and which may be unnecessary detours.
  • Expand your network and resources.  Your mentor knows many people in your field and can often make introductions when needed most.  He or she can also point you to classes, publications, and other sources of information that can allow you to advance in your field more quickly or to sharpen your skills in a specialized area.

How do I find a career mentor?

You may be able to find a career mentor within your current network, by talking to former supervisors, project leaders, or teachers.  You also have a great career mentoring resource in your recruiter, who knows your industry well and has a vast network you can tap to learn more and seek the job that will genuinely promote your career goals.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters also serve as mentors.  We take the time to work with each job seeker, focusing on your individual skills, experience, work style, and career goals to help you find a position within a company culture that offers the best possible fit.  Contact us today to learn more!