Four Questions You Should Always Ask Your Interviewer!

An interview is a two-way conversation: its goal is to help both the employer and interviewee determine whether the position is a good fit that could lead to a profitable employment relationship on both sides.  While you’re there to answer the employer’s questions, you’ll gain the most from your interview if you also ask some focused questions of your own.

By asking the right questions, you can not only learn more about the company and its culture, but also impress the interviewer with your preparation, knowledge, and enthusiasm.  The more the interview moves like a conversation, the more you can learn about whether the job is the right fit for you – and the better the impression you will likely leave on the interviewer.

Which interview questions should you put at the top of your list?  Consider these four:

“What are this job’s top priorities?”

When you step into an interview, you may not have a full picture of the job’s key duties or what a “day in the life” of a person in this role looks like.  By asking this question early in the interview, you focus the conversation on what the job requires.  This allows you to discuss and provide examples of how you’ll meet those objectives, instead of dwelling on your past accomplishments or your resume – which gives you the chance to impress the interviewer with exactly how you will do this job.

“What is your long term goal for this position?”

This question allows the company to share their vision of what this role might become. When interviewing, what is often focused on is the immediate, short term goals for a position. By asking this question, you open the door to being able to share how your current experience or your long term career goals are in-line with their goals for the position.

“How will you measure a good performance?  What about an outstanding one?”

This question seeks information about the qualities the job requires other than those listed in the job description.  By asking for measurements, you’ll understand what the employer is looking for and what it means to succeed in the role for which you’re interviewing, allowing you to tailor your descriptions of yourself and your work to the employer’s needs.

“Can you tell me how you came to this company and why you stayed?”

By asking the interviewer about himself or herself, you’ll gain further insight into what is good about the company – so good that the interviewer is still a part of it.  You’ll also build a relationship with the person interviewing you, which may become invaluable when the key hiring decision is made.

By asking the right questions in a job interview, you can highlight your experience and help solidify yourself as a top candidate for the position. If you are looking for additional career and interviewing tips, be sure to check-out the other great articles we have published. Or, if you are looking for a great career opportunity in California, contact our recruiting specialists today for help!