New Year – New Trends!

As we enter into a new year (Happy 2014!!) we are going to see various trends, specifically within Social Media and Marketing, and Information Technology. Being in the staffing and recruiting industry, it’s important we maintain a level of expertise within the industry – and we read a lot of articles… I mean, A LOT!

Without further ado, here are some trends we, as well as other industry experts, see coming with the new year!

Social Media and Marketing:

  • Mobile = Mainstream. All websites need to be mobile friendly, as well as have an effective user experience so that users continue going back to the site. Everything designed for desktop needs to be accessible via mobile and tablets also. Are you reading this on your smartphone? 
  • Blogging is the #1 way to create new business!! Hint: Welcome the Marquee Staffing IT Division blog! As a new division, we are working overtime to create new leads and generate business. Blogging interesting, relevant, and all around great content will promote traffic to your site increasing visibility and generating leads which all leads to new business.
  • Google+ will become the king of social media (Go follow us now!! Marquee Staffing IT Division, and our Sr. Recruiter Brittany Boyce). The combined search feature with google, the automatically generated hashtags, and the increased user base makes G+ the new social hot spot!
  • Video consumption will increase – and most of these videos will be watched on mobile devices (see #1 above!). Customers will look to watch videos to see how products work or to learn about new business. Maybe a video blog post by our IT Division Manager will be coming soon! Any topics you’d like to see covered?!

Now that we’ve covered a few Social Media and Marketing Trends to look out for, let’s head into our bread and butter… Information Technology! While the technology trends might not be changing our lives, they will in time improve, alter, and on occasion frustrate us. Here they are!

Information Technology:

  • Tablets will get bigger. iPad mini anyone? Not for long. Tablets are going to increase not only in size, but reputation as well. Tablets are going to be mainstream – like your mobile device.
  • Smart phones will toughen up. It has already started – waterproof mobile devices – and the smart phone will continue to become “unbreakable”.
  • Cloud Storage is taking over. By the end of 2014, people will be more educated in regards to Cloud storage, where as in 2013 people didn’t totally understand. The sales of external hard drives will decline while the adoption of Cloud Storage skyrockets.
  • 4K Television is on the horizon. 4K HDTVs offer screen resolution approximately 4x greater than your standard HDTV. The images are sharper, clearer, and simply brilliant. It seems so real it’s like you’re looking out of a window, so they say. We’d love to test one of these 4K HDTVs with our favorite at-home movie!
Those are our thoughts on the New Trends emerging within our industry. We’ve already adapted to a few here at Marquee Staffing IT Division and plan to tackle as many trends that will effectively help our business and help us provide the best content to our clients. We are ready to kick start 2014 and look forward to a prosperous and exciting year ahead and we hope you come along for the ride!
Cheers to the New Year, 2014 will be great!

Brittany Boyce
Sr. IT Recruiter

Marquee Staffing – IT Division

Southern California’s premier staffing agency specializing in Information Technology Resources.