Seven Ways to Keep Your Employees Engaged

Keeping employee productivity and motivation high isn’t always easy.  Genuinely interesting work in a supportive environment goes a long way, but sometimes employees need to buckle down and do the “thankless tasks” that keep the business going.

While many top employees have their own ways to self-motivate, managers can improve productivity and end results by knowing how to grab a team’s attention and focus it on the job at hand.  How can you keep employees engaged even when the work isn’t on their “dream job” list?  Consider the following tips:

  • Make employee feedback fun.  Top managers know that communication and feedback are crucial in any workplace.  But when a project is particularly tough or work hits a “rough patch,” adding an element of fun to employee feedback opportunities can improve morale while ensuring communication is covered.  Consider serving a treat like donuts and coffee at a feedback session, or moving the session to a less formal venue like a local restaurant.
  • Spark a competitive edge for innovation.  When a problem needs solving, give the team guidelines as to the “ideal” solution, and offer a reward for the employee or team that develops the most innovative solution.  The reward can be as simple as public recognition for a job well done.
  • Offer interesting learning opportunities.  Ongoing education improves your employees’ work, and offering employees the chance to learn shows that the company cares about their personal and career growth.  Hold “brown bag” lunch lectures in which employees can teach one another, or start a company “library” of books related to professional subjects.
  • When educating employees, don’t skip problem-solving.  Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills help team members work through problems on their own, instead of getting bogged down in conflict and requiring a manager’s intervention.  Teach these skills along with other job-specific skills in training and education.
  • Create constructive company stories and rituals.  Encourage employees to share moments of success and support one another by creating company rituals and “shared stories” that support these traits.  For instance, you may begin staff meetings by asking each person to announce a victory they’ve had in the past week at work.
  • Ask employees to rate managers.  Employees are used to being evaluated by their managers, but the chance to turn the tables is something new.  Ask employees to evaluate how well their managers are doing and what, if anything, they would change if they could.
  • Say thank you in many different ways.  Even the most simple recognition for a job well done goes a long way.  Providing positive feedback in the form of a “good job!” or “thank you!” is simple, but it encourages employees to put in their best effort on each job.

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