What Characteristics are Employers Looking for?

Every employer has an “ideal” candidate in mind.  This candidate has the skills, experience, and education for the job, as well as a set of “soft skills” that allow him or her to leverage those skills and experiences to their maximum benefit.  While the job-specific skills an employer wants naturally vary depending on the position, the “soft skill” characteristics of top candidates are transferable across a wide range of careers.

Employers seeking star talent are looking for a specific set of characteristics.  If you’re looking for a new position or just want to get more out of your current job, consider developing your skills in these areas:

  • Passion for learning, growth, and development.  Great consultants are driven to become continually better at what they do.  They’re constantly inspired to learn more, expand their skill sets, and gain expertise in their work.  Demonstrate this drive to employers by seeking out continuing education, professional development, and other learning opportunities.
  • Ability to strategically evaluate and solve problems.  Top workers are proactive.  They spot problems and immediately begin thinking of ways to solve them.  The ability to strategically evaluate a problem and offer innovative, well-tailored solutions is a prized quality.  Develop yours by adopting a proactive approach to your current work or job search.
  • Ability to listen to others and to teach others.  “Communication skills” are near the top of every hiring manager’s list, but what exactly are they?  Often, the most prized communication skills include the ability to listen actively and to train others, adapting the content of the training to the needs of the trainee.  Both active listening and teaching skills can be learned; add them to your skill set to stand out among candidates.
  • Ability to see the “big picture.”  The ability to focus on details is valuable when working on a particular project or when problem-solving.  Top employees know how to balance detailed work with “big picture” thinking.  They can see not only how to address a particular problem or project, but how the results fit in with the rest of the company’s work and its bigger goals.

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