2014 Tech Salary Guide and some other fun info!

Ahh, March – my favorite month. Not only is it the beginning of Spring but it just so happens to be my birthday month as well, so… Happy Birthday to me!

March is also “Welcome Month” for our newest member of the Marquee Staffing IT Division. Cynthia Swanson, Sales Account Executive, joined our team this month and we are so happy to have her! Everyone give a warm welcome to Cynthia!

Okay, okay – time for our Topic of the Month: IT SALARIES.

For our February post I touched base on the College Degrees that Get the Most Job Offers, and Computer Science was high on that list, actually it was the highest. With job offers comes salaries and that’s what I’m here to talk about this month. If money is a motivator for you – take a look at some high level numbers coming from the IT Industry.

In an article I read from Robert Half Technology, they outlined the Information Technology 2014 Salary Guide. These are national averages for the various markets across the US and Canada. From 2013 to 2014 there was an average of a 7% increase in salaries for IT professionals. This is an industry that isn’t going anywhere and is going to continue to grow. These IT individuals are so skilled and trained in their area of expertise and they are hot on the market for so many different companies.

As the CIO or CTO of a company you’re looking around $150-250K salary. Now of course, it takes time to get to this level and it is depending on the company you are employed by – but goodness gracious that is a high number. Money is a factor in a lot of people’s decisions in which career to pursue. You must love what you do on top of it, or else life can become a drag. Coming from a Computer Science background and graduating with a BS degree can get you to the top of the IT totem-pole, and at $200K I think you’d have the best of both worlds; a job you are passionate about and financial success.

For a list of more IT jobs and their salaries take a look at the Robert Half slideshow online, 2014 Tech Salary Guide.

Thanks for reading and as always, let me know your thoughts! (You can also wish me a Happy Birthday if you so please J).

Cheers to March!



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