Breaking the Ice With Your New Boss

When you start a new job, you have a lot on your plate.  You’re facing the steep “learning curve” that comes with any new job and the need to get to know your new co-workers in a positive way – after all, you’ll be working with these people for some time to come.  You’re also facing the need to “break the ice” with your new boss, a person whose influence will have a significant effect on your work.

In some organizations, your new boss will also have been involved in interviewing you.  In others, you’ll be meeting your new supervisor for the first time when you start your new job.  How can you make sure your relationship with your new boss starts off on the right foot?  Consider the following tips:

  • Be proactive when seeking answers to your questions.  When you start your new job, everything is new.  Most supervisors know the learning curve is steep, and they want their new staff members to succeed.  With this in mind, don’t hesitate to ask your new boss when you have questions – but before you knock on your boss’s door, do your best to learn the answer to your question yourself.  Go the extra mile to seek out information or to gather background on the question before you go to your boss.  You’ll demonstrate a willingness to learn and to take initiative, along with a recognition that sometimes, you need help.
  • Communicate early, communicate often.  Building a strong, open channel of communication with your boss is key to your success – and to your supervisor’s success as well.  Start by scheduling a time to sit down with your boss and talk about your work, your expectations, and what your boss suggests you do for success.  Find a way to connect with your boss via regular updates and feedback.
  • Ask about your boss’s expectations.  Learning to listen to your supervisor gives you access to a wealth of information about his or her expectations, vision, and objectives.  Make sure you understand where your boss is coming from, and ask questions if you don’t – especially when you are being evaluated or constructively criticized.

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