Which Staffing Firm is Better – Local? Or National?

When you’re looking for a staffing firm with which to partner, a firm with a national reach may sound tempting.  More markets means more candidates, which means better candidates, right?

In fact, a local firm may offer your organization better value.  Here’s why:

Local firms know the local markets.

A national firm must stay aware of national trends, but a local staffing firm focuses on its own community and region.  This means that local firms know what kind of market and hiring pressures your organization faces most immediately.  Local recruiters are “tapped in” to communications and news about your industry, its established local leaders, and the “rising stars.”  This positions locally-based recruiters to help you address these immediate, local pressures in a way that meets both your current and long-term staffing needs.

A local staffing firm can connect you with “rooted” local talent.

Every nationwide talent search runs the risk of identifying one or more promising candidates who are located hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  These candidates must often be supported in their attempts to travel to interviews and, if hired, to “uproot” themselves and their families in order to move to your company’s community.  There is also a higher chance that these candidates will choose not to move at all, leaving your company scrambling to make an offer to a less-promising candidate – or starting the search again.

By tapping into a local candidate pool, locally-focused recruiters reach candidates who are already members of the local community.  The costs of interviewing them, and of hiring from among them, are decreased.

Local recruiters also know where to find “passive” job-seekers in the local market: those candidates who are not actively looking for a new employer, but who will make a move if the right opportunity appears.  These candidates usually work in the field already, improving the quality and timeliness of their experience and skills.

Local firms offer personalized service.

National firms must juggle clients in remote geographic areas.  Often, a national firm communicates with its clients only electronically – never in person.  It is easy for a company to become “merely a name” to a distant staffing firm preoccupied with thousands of names in dozens of states.

At a local staffing firm, you’re not “just” another client.  You are a member of the same professional community the firm occupies, and together you can work to find the candidates you need to fulfill your organization’s specific goals and vision.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced Southern California staffing specialists focus on local markets to place top talent in our industry.  Contact our recruiting team today to learn how we can help you in your recruiting and hiring needs.