Volunteer to Help Your Career

Studies have shown that volunteering helps people connect to one another, improve self-confidence, and maintain physical and emotional health. As if this wasn’t reason enough to volunteer, the work you do for others can also help you supercharge your job search and improve your career skills.

How can volunteering help your career? Consider:

Volunteering improves your resume.

A recent study by LinkedIn found that, since the professional social media site added a “Volunteer and Causes” option to member profiles, over three million people have proudly displayed their volunteer work on LinkedIn – with promising results. In a LinkedIn survey, one out of every five hiring managers stated that they preferred to hire people with volunteer experience.

Whether it appears in your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, or both, your volunteer work makes your resume stand out among those of other qualified candidates. By volunteering with a cause you support, you demonstrate your passion and develop valuable skills.

Volunteering builds connections.

Every connection you make expands your network, increasing the chances that you’ll find the job you’re looking for. Helpful volunteer connections include not only those who work in the organizations to which you devote your time, but other volunteers as well.

Just as you’d start any job search by alerting your personal and professional networks, you shouldn’t hesitate to develop real relationships while volunteering, too. Use your shared passion for the work to connect with other volunteers and with staff members to expand your network and improve your job search.

Volunteering builds skills.

When you volunteer your skills, you keep them current and demonstrate your career dedication to employers. Consider volunteering where your job skills may come in handy. If you’re an IT professional, for instance, consider offering your IT skills when you volunteer.

Already have a volunteer project you love, but not one that uses your technical skills? Volunteer work still offers the opportunity to build important “soft skills” that apply to nearly any job. These include skills like communication, teamwork, organization, and time management. Don’t hesitate to talk about how you’re developing these skills when a prospective employer asks about your volunteer work.

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