Five Steps to Recruiting Top IT Talent

No matter what state the economy is in, competition is fierce for the best technical people. Leveraging effective IT recruiting strategies can help you to identify, attract and keep IT talent, allowing you to remain on the cutting-edge technically while completing the most challenging projects.

Here are Five Steps That Can Help You Edge Out the Competition.

1. Get referrals from your current employees. Assuming that you have a history of hiring top talent, your team is likely to know similarly skilled people. Ask them to put you in touch with people who meet your requirements. Offer a referral fee for a bit of additional motivation.

2. Find technical people where they live. Most people in IT are also heavily involved in social media. Start with LinkedIn (particularly groups) and Twitter, but also investigate specialty sites like Github, Stack Overflow, Quora or even Reddit.

3. Be easy to find. If you have open positions, post them where they will be seen online. Add them to specialty job boards, and be accessible if a potential employee wants to talk, even if it’s just to learn a bit more about the company and the position.

4. Talk about your projects. Issue press releases, host networking events, and keep your website up-to-date. Create and nurture a reputation among technical specialists that you are where they should want to work. Talk about your differentiators, resources you provide for your employees. Technical people enjoy challenges. Build a buzz that you value their expertise and will provide the resources they need to excel.

5. Hire the right recruiter. Get an expert in the industry — someone who is truly tech savvy. This will give you the edge in finding the right people and ensure that you have their respect when it comes time for the interview.

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