Why Don’t The Best Candidates Want to Work For You?

Hiring managers throughout Orange County have faced it: the frustration of conducting a candidate search, only to have top candidates bow out before the process is complete – or worse, to have top candidates fail to apply at all. If you keep reaching for the best and can’t seem to bring them into the fold, you’re probably asking: Why? Why don’t the best candidates seem to want to work for us? Is it our company? Our interview process? Something else?

Hiring is a conversation. Candidates need to sell themselves to you – but you also need to sell yourself to them. Here’s how:

  1. Know (and love!) your company culture.

Job candidates are often told to “know yourself!” Indeed, it’s hard to be enthusiastic and accurate about your skills, ethics, and approach if you don’t know what they are. The same is true for companies. To sell your organization well to top candidates, first take an honest assessment of your company’s culture, values, goals, mission, and work ethic. Are you an organization with its nose to the grindstone 24/7? Do your people value the ability to set their own hours, conserving their energy for the projects on which intense focus is required? Is your company “disciplined”? “Structured”? “Happy-go-lucky”? The more you know about your company’s personality and approach, the better you can sell it to top candidates who will work well within your culture.

  1. Improve your interview process.

Top candidates can easily lose interest or be snatched away by job offers from competitors if your hiring process dawdles, sets up excessive obstacles, or fails to communicate with candidates. Focus on creating a streamlined, open process that gets you the information you need about candidates in as few steps as possible – and then communicate openly with candidates about what to expect at each step and what’s next. If your hiring managers struggle with this step, talk to your staffing partner.

  1. Consider non-traditional “perks.”

For many top candidates, salary is not the only or even the primary consideration. Often, what sets one job offer apart from the rest in the eyes of star talent are the non-traditional benefits or perks that come with the job – often, things that cost the organization very little. Consider offering flex time, telecommuting options, a well-appointed break and “creativity” space, or discounts or loyalty programs with area retailers.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters work closely with our clients to position you as an employer for whom top candidates want to work – now and in the future. Contact us today to learn more our Southern California staffing services.