How Do Industry Leaders Find and Retain Top Talent?

Apple. Google. Microsoft. How do these and other leading tech firms find and keep the top talent they need to stay on top? Whether your company aspires to add its name to this list or simply seeks to stand out in its current niche, fulfilling your goals means not only finding the best talent available, but keeping it.

Here are a few secrets on finding and retaining top talent, courtesy of tech industry leaders:

  1. Build your reputation.

Industry leaders like Google and Apple can attract top talent based on reputation alone. But even if your company isn’t (yet) a household name, you can and should harness the power of reputation. Focus on creating a “brand” for potential employees. Identify what makes your company’s culture uniquely “yours,” and highlight it on the company’s Web site, job postings, and other communications with potential employees. Join the conversation on social media sites like LinkedIn to shape your company’s message further while also connecting with both established professionals and rising stars in your industry.

When a top candidate decides it’s time to look for a new position, you’ll be on the list – if your reputation stands out.

  1. Offer growth opportunities within the organization.

Top candidates are often “top” precisely because they’re creative, thoughtful, and ambitious. Top companies know how to make these qualities work for them, not against them, by providing top talent with opportunities to take risks, launch projects, and fulfill leadership roles within the organization – instead of prompting them to look outside it.

Consider, for example, Google’s decision to place its senior vice president of advertising, Susan Wojcicki, in charge of YouTube. Wojcicki had been considering moving on from Google to find a leadership position in which she’d be in charge of her own projects. Instead of letting her go, Google gave her the chance to build something for them – with great results.

  1. Work with a recruiter.

Even the top tech companies connect with staffing firms. Why? While a company’s hiring manager focuses on hiring for the company’s current needs, a staffing partner specializes in building vast, deep networks of professionals available to fill a range of positions. Staffing firms also specialize in thinking about the “long term,” helping companies find the right people today so they’ll have the talent they need in the future.

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