How to Recruit, Hire, and Retain Top Talent in the Medical Device Industry

The medical device industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States, and the pressure is on companies large and small to find and keep the best talent available. Here are some “top tips” for top talent:


  • Know who you need. The more information you can provide your staffing firm about the skills and traits top performers need, the more effectively your staffing partner can draft a job description and match your needs with available talent.
  • Communicate and move things along. Make your hiring process efficient and transparent, and communicate regularly with candidates at each step. You don’t want to lose a top candidate to another company because your hiring process took too long or because the candidate didn’t realize they were still on your “short list”!


  • Try behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing asks how a candidate has responded to past challenges, setbacks, accomplishments, and successes as a way to gauge how the candidate will respond in similar future situations.
  • Keep culture in mind. The best candidates stay with your organization longest when their approach to work and life meshes well with your company’s culture. Don’t forget to explore this vital element during the hiring process.
  • Look for candidates who can learn. The medical device industry is one of the fastest-changing fields, in addition to the fastest-growing. Every employee needs to be able to learn quickly. Choose candidates who have solid skills in their own fields (sales, marketing, human resources, etc.) and who have a passion for learning and sharing new information.


  • Create real opportunities for growth. Top candidates are “top” because they’re innovative, passionate, and always pushing themselves to improve. If they aren’t given room to keep growing, they will leave their employer for one who offers better opportunities. Mentorship programs and opportunities to launch projects within the company give these star performers the room they need to explore and the support they need to succeed.
  • Communicate. Top employees will jump ship quickly if they feel that their bosses and the company don’t listen to them, don’t share the information they need to do their jobs, or don’t have a clear understanding of how every employee’s work contributes to the organization’s overall goals. Encourage thorough and effective communication to keep top talent informed and elicit these employees’ best ideas for improving your company’s work.

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