Five Questions to Ask Yourself To Better Guide Your Career

Too often, we get bogged down just making a living. We stay in the same job too long, or switch from one employer to another without taking the time to build a career strategy. With an average career spanning forty or fifty years or more it’s worth taking the time to ask yourself a few key questions to be sure you’re on the right track.

  1. How am I doing? Do you enjoy your current job? Whether it’s your dream job or just pays the bills, it’s important to assess how you feel about it. Does the work/life balance feel right? For some having enough time for family or hobbies is most important. For others, working a lot of overtime to build up a nice cash reserve may be worth sacrificing some free time. What matters to you?
  2. Where am I going? Is there a clear promotion path at your current company? Can you see yourself in the same position/company five or ten years down the road or do you need to move to a different department or company to get where you want? Decide if you prefer to be an individual contributor or need an organization where you can develop your leadership skills.
  3. Am I using my skills? What do you do best? Are you doing it in your current job? You may want to reconsider your current employment if your strengths are going untapped. Take any on-the job opportunities to learn new skills or update your existing talents. Companies who are committed to retaining their best employees frequently offer training programs or tuition reimbursement.
  4. Do I belong? Does your company culture or your profession match your personality? Are you an engineer with no eye for detail or a mortgage banker who would prefer to work outdoors? The importance of fit can’t be underestimated. For everyone who is invigorated by the energy of a startup company, there is another who is uncomfortable with the uncertainty and lack of structure it can bring.
  5. Am I happy? That’s really what’s important, isn’t it? But you have to define happiness for yourself. It could mean a short commute, generous compensation or rewarding work. The factors that go into being happy in your career are endless. What is important to you, and what are you willing to give up?

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