Four Myths About Finding a Job…Busted!

Finding a job is hard enough when you stick to the facts. Unfortunately, some of the most well-meaning advice you’ll receive during a job search isn’t just unhelpful, it’s downright wrong. Here are the four biggest myths about finding a job and the facts you need to face them head-on.

  1. “You should list all your past work on your resume.”
    Many job seekers treat their resume like a professional autobiography: they list every job they’ve ever done, whether or not it exercised relevant skills or included relevant accomplishments. “You never know what will attract someone’s attention,” these job seekers reason.
    A resume isn’t a catalogue of your life’s work. It is a marketing document intended to convince the hiring manager who reads it that you can provide relevant, up-to-date, and meaningful value to their organization. Focus your resume’s message on the skills and accomplishments required in each position to which you apply.
  2. “There are no good jobs available.”
    A long job search can be disheartening, especially if you find yourself turning to the same job postings day after day with little to show for it. After weeks or months of searching for the best fit, it can be easy to conclude that the job you want just doesn’t exist.
    In fact, a large number of jobs are never posted publicly. These positions are typically filled internally, or the company works with a recruiter to “spread the word” that it’s looking for qualified people. This makes working with a recruiter a source of key opportunities for you. Become one of the “qualified people” your recruiter thinks about when a job in your field opens up by working with a staffing firm.
  3. “Just prepare for the most common interview questions and you’ll be fine.”
    It’s smart to prepare answers to common interview questions, like “Tell us about yourself” or “What is your greatest weakness?” But if you think of an interview simply as an “answer session,” you’re missing half your opportunity to wow the interviewer and land the job.
    Treat interview preparation the same way you treat your resume: as an opportunity to demonstrate how you’re the best fit for this Learn all you can about the company and the position, and ask questions that turn the interview into a conversation. You’ll create a positive, lasting impression that will help you move to the top of a hiring manager’s “favorite candidates” list.
  4. “The more jobs I apply to, the better my chances of getting a job.”
    Hiring managers know when a resume is sent out of desperation or is a “generic” resume sent to all potential employers – and they typically don’t give such resumes a second look. Instead of applying to more jobs, focus your efforts on finding the jobs that are the best fit for your skills and accomplishments, and then tailoring your application materials to target that organization’s needs. Your recruiter can help.

At Marquee Staffing, our experienced recruiters specialize in knowing the local industries we serve and the key players in each. Bring us your biggest job-hunting myths and we’ll give you the facts…and show you how to use those facts to your advantage. Contact us today to learn more about our job openings in Orange County and beyond.