Four Ways to Build Company Culture During the Holidays

The winter holiday season demands flexibility at work. Juggling vacation schedules, balancing end-of-year work demands with at-home celebration preparation, and including team members whose major religious observances don’t fall at the end of the calendar year can leave managers and employees alike scrambling.

To keep productivity high and make the holidays bright, focus on using this special time of year to build company culture. Here are four places to start:

  1. Encourage employees to take charge of the plans. It’s easier to generate buy-in from employees if they play an active role in creating the holiday plans. If budgeting or time constraints are an issue, consider providing parameters: “We’d like to have a holiday party with a budget of X%,” “what are some creative ways to run our Secret Santa this year?” or “we’d like to plan a holiday volunteer event for employees and their families; whom should we help?”
  2. Extend the fun throughout the year. Neither Rome nor a strong company culture can be built in a day. Although the holidays offer a great opportunity to start creating new traditions and connecting employees to one another within the company, end of year fun is just one “brick” in the building of company culture. While you’re planning holiday events, hang onto ideas that don’t make the cut. For example, a volunteering idea that is scrapped at the holidays because too many people are on vacation might be perfect for mid-spring, when more people are in town.
  3. Don’t overdo it. Plans that are too elaborate tax everyone’s time and budget without paying off in improved connections. Take into account scheduling, end-of-year work, and the company’s current projects. Also, consider employees’ personal budgets when setting up gift-giving programs: setting a budget limit or encouraging employees to “gift” help with work to one another allows employees to join in the fun without breaking the bank.
  4. Stay in touch with your recruiter. When sending out holiday cheer, don’t forget to drop your staffing partner a line. The more feedback you provide your recruiter, and the more updates on your company’s culture, the better your staffing partner can match your hiring managers with candidates who will work well with your current teams.

At Marquee Staffing, our recruiters focus on helping you find the right “fit” between new employees and your company’s culture, so your organization enjoys the gifts of improved productivity and increased retention year-round. Contact us today to learn more.