4 Ways to Help Your Recruiter Help You More Effectively

If a new job or a job change are on your 2015 “New Year’s Resolutions” list, it’s time to give your recruiter a call. A recruiter who specializes in placing people in your industry gives you access to the top jobs and a vast network of professional contacts.

But while it’s tempting to simply hand over your resume and wait for the offers to roll in, you’ll get the best results from your recruiter when you’re prepared to work with the staffing firm you choose. Here’s how to help your recruiter help you to a great new job:

  1. Send your resume right away. Even if you don’t want to apply for any opportunity the recruiter currently lists, send an updated resume as soon as you can. The sooner your recruiter has your information on file, the sooner he or she can start matching your needs, talents, and skills with companies that call looking for candidates. Your recruiter can also give you advice on how to streamline your resume so it targets exactly the employers and positions you’re looking for.
  2. Decide what you want. If you’re looking for a new job or want to change jobs, you’re probably willing to be flexible on some points – but not on others. Before you contact your recruiter, take some time to make a list of things you’re willing to be flexible about and a list of “non-negotiable items.” For instance, if you’re willing to take a position you’re “overqualified” for, but only if it’s with one of your top three employers, let your recruiter know. The more information your recruiter has, the more effectively he or she can match you with the employer who is right for you.
  3. Confidentiality goes both ways. Recruiters pride themselves on their ability to keep a candidate’s information confidential, especially when the job-seeker is already employed but wants to find a better “fit” at another company. Your recruiter’s commitment to confidentiality means that you maintain control over when, where, and how you tell your current employer, friends, and family about your new-job plans. Respect this commitment to confidentiality by upholding your end of the bargain: keep information about your job search and prospective employers to yourself until you find the job you’re looking for.
  4. Stay in touch. Regular feedback helps your recruiter match you more effectively with employers. Don’t forget to “touch base” with your recruiter after interviews or when you’ve found a job posting you think would be right for you.

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