5 Signs That an Employee (or Candidate) is Management Material

When hiring managers look for candidates for an open position, they’re not just looking for someone who can do the work today. They’re also looking for a candidate who offers a good cultural “fit” and growth potential – someone who can learn the job now in order to become an effective manager later.

Whether you’re planning to hire a candidate who can grow into a stellar manager or you want to promote an existing employee into the leadership role, identifying the signs of “management material” is key. Here are five signs that the person you’re considering for the job will shine in leadership:

1. Understands People

The ability to understand team members, respond to their needs, and communicate well is key to managing a team effectively. A good manager doesn’t have to be a mind reader, but a good manager must both communicate his or her own expectations clearly and be receptive to the questions, complaints, and concerns of team members. The ability to listen to people and give them what they need is a “green flag” that an employee or candidate may make a good manager.

2. Takes Ownership

Employees who make decisions, stick with them, and defend their work even when challenged demonstrate the kind of leadership and ownership a manager needs in order to build trust with a team. Nothing frustrates workers more than a boss who is indecisive or who blames others when a project fails or a deadline gets skipped. Employees who own their decisions even when the consequences are negative should stand out as potential management material.

3. Thinks “Long-Term” and “Big-Picture”

Employees are responsible for day-to-day tasks, but managers must understand how those tasks fit together into a long-term project, goal, or plan. When an employee clearly understands how his or her work contributes to the company’s overall goals and offers suggestions for improving that relationship, that employee is saying “I’m management material.”

4. Accomplishes Goals

A manager’s job is to get results – so an employee or candidate on the “management track” should be building a track record of achievements as well. Look for employees who go above and beyond their day-to-day job description to improve processes, increase sales, or make clients or customers happy.

5. Buckles Down

Great managers do more than merely provide the vision, instructions, and feedback a team needs to do its work. When the going gets tough, the best managers get to work right alongside their employees.  When seeking management types among your employees or candidates, look for those willing to do extra work or spend more time encouraging their fellow employees on particularly tough projects.

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