2015 Hiring Trends to Expect

2015 is just getting started, but companies that are planning to expand in 2015 are already creating the strategic staffing plans they’ll need to hire effectively, onboard quickly, and maximize productivity and retention among new and existing staff. If your organization is planning to hire in the coming year, knowing what trends you’ll face in the employment market can help you plan more effectively.

Here are some of the top trends experienced staffing firms are anticipating in 2015:

1. Skills will matter more than ever

Hiring for skilled-worker positions continues to increase, and “skills gaps” created when these employees retire, move, or are promoted continue to plague organizations that rely on their workforce to have the skills and capabilities to handle increasingly complex and innovative problems. In 2015, many companies will need accurate industry data in order to pay skilled workers competitively, and they’ll need access to skilled candidates who also offer the right cultural “fit” required for maximum productivity and long-term retention. Staffing firms specialize in building these relationships.

2. Mobile and online hiring will explode

Gone are the days when simply placing an ad in the local paper was enough to bring in top candidates.  Today’s most qualified candidates are most likely to be found online – if they’re not working for a competitor. Companies that reach out on social media sites and make mobile-friendly search and application options available will make themselves easier for top candidates to find. And if the people you need are already employed? Talk to your staffing partner, who knows how to reach out to “passive job-seekers” willing to accept an offer if the circumstances are right.

3. Succession planning will climb to the top of the priority list

In 2010, 10 percent of baby boomers reported that they had retired; by 2014, the number had risen to 17 percent. As this generation of skilled, experienced workers retires, succession planning to replace them is going to become a major concern in both large and small companies. Companies that plan ahead to recruit strategically as key employees retire, will be able to shorten the time when work goes unfinished and desks stand empty.

At Marquee Staffing, our staffing partners specialize in staying on top of hiring trends, so we can help you find the best talent even in the tightest markets.  Contact us today to learn more about staffing services in San Diego and the rest of southern California.