Minimizing the Impact of Cold and Flu Season on Your Business

Cold and flu season has made its official 2015 debut. Does it seem like all of your employees are battling runny noses, sore throats and sky-high fevers? If so, it’s time to make a change. Not only is it seriously unpleasant to be sick — it’s also a major drain on productivity. You don’t have to let these pesky illnesses get the best of your team each year.

3 Ways to Achieve a Healthier Workplace

Tired of having half your team out of commission during cold and flu season? Use these three tips to improve the health of your entire company:

  1. Initiate a Wellness Program: Help your team stay healthy throughout the year by implementing a wellness program. Offer participants benefits like onsite health screenings, discounts on insurance premiums and complimentary fitness classes. When people make healthy habits part of their daily routine, they’re rewarded with increased energy and a strengthened immune system that enables them to more effectively combat illness.
  2. Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home: Give your team members a generous amount of sick days, so they can stay home when they’re sick. People feel compelled to come into work when their only other choice is to stay home unpaid. If you notice that an employee seems to be coming down with something, send them home immediately so they don’t spread their sickness to others.
  3. Hire Temporary Staff to Fill In: Many hardworking employees are hesitant to even take paid sick days because they know there’s no one to pick up the slack in their absence. They think they’re doing a good thing by coming into work anyway, but they’re actually exposing everyone around them to the illness. Ease their minds by hiring temporary staff to fill in while they’re at home recovering. These workers can effectively cover for them while they’re out of the office, so they’ll return to work without having to conquer an enormous

Need a little help keeping productivity rates up during cold and flu season? Contact Marquee Staffing! Our team is committed to achieving optimal business outcomes for each one of our clients. We offer comprehensive and flexible staffing solutions to help your company succeed.