How to Fast-Track your SoCAL Career

With the economy back in full swing, job opportunities are opening up again. How can you fast-track your way into a great new position that maximizes your current skills and opens up opportunities? Try these tips:

  1. Make a plan. Many people let their careers simply “happen” – only to find they don’t like the results. In order to reach your full potential, you need a career plan. Think about where you’d like to be at the end of your career and at key points along the way, such as in five, ten, or twenty years. Then, break down each “big goal” into the interim steps you’ll need to take to achieve it. Which steps can you start working toward today?
  2. Connect online and offline. LinkedIn and other social media sites aren’t a mere fad – they’re the new way the world does business. Connecting online allows you to build your professional network more quickly. It also allows you to share information and present ideas, making you a resource to which other professionals in your field will turn when they have a question about a topic on which you excel. Increasingly, top companies use social media to connect as well, so a strong presence will make you easier for dream employers to find. While you’re connecting online, don’t forget to reconnect with offline colleagues as well. Offer to meet for coffee, a walk, or simply to chat. Let them know what you’re looking for in your next job and what your plans are. Every person you reconnect with is one who might think of your name when they spot an opening you haven’t seen yet.
  3. Work with a recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in matching candidates with companies that offer a great “fit” for their career plans. Choose a recruiter who knows your industry and focuses on working with local companies in SoCal. When you meet, come with a copy of your resume as well as an outline of your overall career plan. The more information your recruiter has, the easier it will be for them to help you fast-track your way into a great new job.

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